It appears to me that the debate regarding statewide candidates held at Waynesboro High School had a preset agenda leaving many issues regarding our community and state ignored — the drug problem and the stupid thought of legalizing marijuana just as some examples.

This debate was set up by a one-sided, bias, racist organization called RISE. The co-founder of this group, Sharon Fitz, just happened to be master of ceremonies.

She started right off with spewing the same nonsense that the other co-founder of RISE, Chanda McGuffin, started a few months ago alluding to the misconception that black students are not treated equally with white students. In my opinion this concept is nothing but reverse discrimination.

School segregation was lawfully stopped in America many years ago. At that time it was ruled that all schools where to treat all students equally no matter what color or nationality said students where.

A few weeks ago, the McGuffin woman claimed our teachers need to be retrained in the way they treat and instruct black students. We have a well educated and well trained educational system that deserve to be praised not criticized.

In one breath this group is screaming they want equal rights, of which they have, and in the second breath they want special treatment because they are black.

You cannot have it both ways, so I ask, which way is it?

Like I explained a couple of weeks ago, we are one community, the City of Waynesboro. We are not separated by race, color or creed. Therefore why do certain citizens of our great city label themselves as “The Black Community” and more or less describe themselves as the underdog?

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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