Many people are upset over the burning of the Amazon forest. Why? Because it is the source of much oxygen for our planet and habitat to many species of plants and wildlife.

What about fields of solar panels? Although they do put electricity in our grid and money in some people’s pockets, they also take up valuable land that should be green: producing oxygen, crops, food, or even left as a wild habitat.

These solar panels could be put on top of large buildings (malls, Hollister, McKee, Target, etc.) or over parking lots which aren’t going to grow anything anyway! Those over parking lots would provide shade and keep rain and snow off of cars and people getting in them.

Solar panels have toxic cadmium and lead. As the panels break (which they do), they leak toxic metals into the ground, making it dangerous to grow crops and allow animals to graze there in the future. Heavy metals can also leach into groundwater, as well as streams. Panels over buildings and parking lots would make it much easier to clean up broken shards and splinters and keep the heavy metals out of the groundwater and dirt. (Roofs made up of tar and gravel would probably need an additional barrier)

By putting panels over buildings and parking lots, we get the electricity, the land continues to be green, the county gets its taxes, and the investors get their money. It is win/win/win/win.

The county has a survey, but does not have this as an option. Write it in. Talk to those running for August County Board of Supervisors, as well as those on the Board. Those on the Board seem to feel that solar fields are inevitable. At least we can put them where they will do the least harm, not over open fields!

Debbie Fordham

Weyers Cave

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