This is in response to James Wiley’s letter on July 20th about “hateful,” “racist,” “misogynous“ letters attributed to Tom McDonald.

I have read Mr. McDonald’s letters and I found them to be passionate in his beliefs. Racist? Never have I read anything to suggest racism, and I’m assuming Mr. Wiley is referring to Mr. McDonald’s opinion that the Waynesboro Art Center be named for someone noted for heroic deeds regardless of race. That is his opinion and his right to express it without being attacked.

Further, Mr. Wiley accuses Mr. McDonald of being a misogynist. How he came up with that is beyond me. It had no valid place in his letter. To further his ritual of denouncements, “God bless America and President Trump” seems to offend Mr. Wiley.

There are millions of people across this country that say it every day and will not be silenced because of those who don’t agree. His letter indicates his ability to run a newspaper and to decide who should write a letter and when, is superior to the present editors.

According to Mr. Wiley’s belief, if you don’t think as he does then you must be a liar. No room for mistakes. I’m pretty sure when visitors come for a vacation, or just passing through, they are very unlikely to care what someone says in a public forum in a newspaper.

Mr. Wiley is attempting to suppress any opinion not in accordance with his own. That is socialism. Incidentally, limiting free speech even in a newspaper also falls under the heading of socialism. I believe if Mr. Wiley refuses to subscribe to the newspaper because he can’t control it, undoubtedly he’ll either read it at the library or go to the nearest convenience store to buy it.

Barbara J. Bortle


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