Here we go again. Ridiculous and untrue remarks about the worthiness of our present city council. Our city manager and council members spent many countless hours on how to dispense monies from limited budgets in a fair and just manner, keeping in mind what is in the best interest of all our citizens and our great city.

As I stated at a previous council meeting, for many years maintenance repairs where kicked down the proverbial road.

Sooner or later that agenda will force the piper to be paid. That time has come and said piper is now standing with his hand out. As you can only stretch the dollar so far, many choices had to be made. By making these choices you cannot please all the people all the time.

Ms. Sharon Fitz stated in The News Viriginian on Aug 11, “a demand for a city council that demonstrate the ability to have diversity of thought and social responsibility.”

It appears to me that in an indirect manner, Ms. Fitz is trying to play the race card here. That crap has no place and does not have a seat in our city government.

As far as anyone wanting to speak out regarding any issues in Waynesboro, you can do that face to face with our city leaders at all the city council meetings. Said meetings are held the second and fourth Monday each month at 7 p.m. in the council chambers in the Charles T. Yancey Municipal Building at 503 West Main Street, Waynesboro. As you enter the chambers you can sign up on the citizen comment sheet and your name will be called at the appropriate time and you will be heard.

God bless America and President Donald Trump.

Tom McDonald


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