I know the editorial in Thursday’s paper was not from the News Virginian, but rather the Washington Post. However, nevertheless, I was extremely angered and offended by the article.

I am a proud Republican and the editorial board's suggestion that those of us who vote Republican are less educated, less affluent and anti-immigrant infuriated me.

My entire extended family votes Republican and are all college educated (many have advanced degrees) and all are very stable financially. As for being anti-immigrant, we are anti-illegal immigrant, whom the article referred to as “undocumented immigrants."

Perhaps they aren’t aware that John Avoli (Republican) who won the sixth district race for delegate is an immigrant! Yes, we do revere our confederate monuments because we believe in preserving history, we do believe in our right to bear arms, and the sanctity of life.

I cancelled my subscription to the News Leader due to their liberal bias and have been much happier with the News Virginian, but was disappointed that they chose to print this article.

Lee Hodge


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