Court shelves property rights in favor of Dominion land grab

I am disappointed, although not surprised by the Virginia Supreme Court rulings regarding surveying for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP). Our personal freedoms and private property rights have been progressively taken away from us in recent years as powerful corporations dictate the laws to our elected officials.

I am struck by Dominion spokesperson Aaron Ruby’s boast in his response to the rulings. He stated that Dominion has revised their survey policy, and are now notifying landowners of a specific date that a survey crew will enter upon a landowner’s private property.

Dominion should have been doing this all along. Instead, they were forced to do so, and only after Virginia citizens were required to expend their money, time and peace of mind by challenging Dominion in court.

Mr. Ruby’s comments regarding Dominion’s cooperation with landowners is also a stretch of epic proportions. This isn’t a cooperative collaboration. This is a land grab, pure and simple. My wife and I, and others have been bullied and harassed throughout the survey process.

Mr. Ruby and Dominion continue to tout the ACP as vitally important to meet an urgent growing need for cleaner electricity. Not so. The U.S. Energy Information Administration shows that energy use in Virginia and North Carolina has decreased over the past decade, and will remain flat through 2030. We know where the gas is going — overseas. Any unexpected need for more energy here at home could be filled by truly clean and affordable renewable energy systems.   The bottom line is that Dominion values landowners as easy targets in order to achieve windfall profits at our expense.

William F. Limpert

Warm Springs

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