April 4, 1936 - August 18, 2019 ~ With great sadness we say farewell to our Don. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts. During his younger years, Don became Director of Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Boston, Washington and Manhattan. During his directorship, these studios held number one position nationwide. In the late 70s, Don moved to the Pocono Mountains, where he discovered his love toward the countryside, the mountains and skiing. Shortly after learning how to ski, he became an instructor at Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort. Following, he became a Realtor in Albemarle - Charlottesville, Virginia, specialising in land. His new passion made him an authority in the field.. In 1996 started his own firm in Fluvanna county called the Land Store. Don also enjoyed teaching our colleagues in real estate courses on land. Above all, Don had a privileged mind toward words, writing, and discourse. Having a natural fluidity at communication, Don was the most charming man in the crowd telling the latest jokes with the most artful punchlines and puns. His children, Clifford Morse, Hazael Garay, Ivo Tomasini, Gabo Tomasini; along with his sister, Roberta Robinson; grandchildren, Chris Morse, Lily Garay, Dito Garay, Ana Lorenza Garay; and children in law, Fernando Garay and Marianne, remember Don with love. He helped shape their lives in ways which can't be fully described. Our last four years were lived looking at the ocean, breathing its salty mist - another passion of Don. Here in Puerto Rico, we sat for endless hours watching the waves crash against the reefs or at times gently caressing the shore, the pelicans diving for fish, checking for the fishermen's arrival with our fresh catch. All while Don's brilliant mind and stoic spirit battled Alzheimers. Until his last breath, on Sunday, August 18, Don Morse was humorous and stood tall against the odds. As for me, know that I'll be okay in his absence. Following is my farewell letter to my Donald: "From the beginning when we met you had faith in my possibilities as a woman, as a professional and as your life's partner. While believing in me, you began to build my esteem by pouring over me romance, possibilities, and beauty. With you on my side, I reached my goals, climbed mountains, walked down to the valleys only to climb back again. We danced, we sang and you showed me the world. You gave me peace and a firm repose during difficult moments. Donald, my love, FRIEND, my tower, you filled me with love!! I feel cherished by you and nothing between us was left undone or went without saying. I am flooded with your devotion like an expanding river. I am surrounded by beauty, safety and completeness". Thanks, my love Your Olgui, always. A Reflective Service will be held at the Church of the Open Word, located at 11 Highland Ave. Newtonville, Mass. on Saturday, October 5, 2019, at 11 a.m. For more information or comments, feel free to email me at Olgamorse@gmail.com. I thank family and friends who offered us support during these years. Your chats with Don, invites to go for a ride or a restaurant, or cooking a meal for us ... meant the world!! Receive a Big Abrazo!

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