Germany Train Delays Scarf

The so-called delay scarf was knitted by Munich commuter Sara Weber, with each color reflecting the amount of time her journey with a Deutsche Bahn train had been delayed.

European rail service is frequently touted as a model to be emulated, but Germany’s Deutsche Bahn apparently isn’t quite yet on board with that concept.

It’s the country’s biggest rail company — and it has a poor record for punctuality: More than 25 percent of its long-distance trains failed to arrive on time last year.

What do you do while you’re waiting for your train? Read a book? Text your friends? Twiddle your thumbs?

Sara Weber must have decided to knit a scarf.

The commuter commenced a scarf of many colors, with each color accounting for time she spent waiting for her train.

The scarf project became famous on social media, and even caught the attention of Deutsche Bahn. The company purchased the scarf at an online auction for 7,550 euros, or $8,600. Proceeds from the auction are being donated to a charity for the homeless.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bahn promises to hire 22,000 more staff. Maybe that’ll put it back on track.

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