Finally, comes a tale of the crime that wasn’t.

In Lake Worth Beach, Florida, someone heard chilling shouts coming from a home: “Let me out!”

The hearer dialed 911. Exactly the right thing to do.

Police arrived to find a man outside working on his car and explained their mission. The man smiled and said he’d be glad to cooperate. In fact, he’d produce the perpetrator.

He went inside the home and returned with none other than Rambo.

Except … Rambo is a parrot.

The man has had this parrot pet for years. When he was a kid, he taught Rambo — who then lived in a cage — to say, “Let me out!”

Fortunately, ’most everyone had a sense of humor about the incident — including the officers. They tweeted (no pun intended) a video link and said, “Our deputies in Lake Worth Beach came to the help of someone screaming for help. Hilarity ensued.”

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