There are those among us who doubtless feel that if we have to hear the “Baby Shark” song one more time, we’ll leap into a shark tank just to get away from the annoying ditty.

Officials in West Palm Beach, Florida, apparently found an upside to that annoyance: “Yes! We can use that!”

They’ve begun playing children’s songs, including “Baby Shark,” on non-stop rotation in order to hassle homeless people and discourage them from sleeping outside the Waterfront Lake Pavilion, a major tourist attraction.

Anybody remember when the U.S. military played non-stop heavy metal music outside Panama dictator Manuel Noriega’s hideaway back in 1989? (No word on whether the soldiers were knitting and dancing as they broadcast the music.)

The barrage of sound forced the dictator and drug suspect to surrender.

At the time, the strategy launched a debate over whether this form of psychological assault amounted to outright torture.

We bet some people would indeed consider kiddie tunes to be torture.

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