The experiences of August 2017 cut deeply through the Charlottesville community. Those days caused much pain, and the long-term scars are indelible.

We should never forget the courage of those who confronted racism and violence head-on. We should always honor the sacrifices those individuals made.

Lessons were learned about the severity of the threat to the community and about the need for preparedness against such threats.

We remain on a path toward healing. While the journey is far from complete, we honor those who are helping our community move forward. To do so requires courage, strength and resilience.

Nearly two years after those terrible days in 2017, we have reached a point where we can pause, look back and look ahead.

With the criminal convictions and sentencings of several perpetrators, one phase of our journey has ended.

It’s time to turn our attention to certain other important issues.

On Aug. 10, 2017, The Daily Progress published an editorial that cited Councilor Wes Bellamy for helping stir unrest in the city.

It singled out one individual. The turmoil in our community in the summer of 2017 by no means can be traced to the actions of one person.

The editorial should not have been published. It was an error in judgment.

This newspaper strives to craft its editorial opinions in a manner that is hard-hitting when necessary, but fair and prudent always.

Accordingly, The Daily Progress pledges to uphold the principles of fairness, integrity and wisdom that are our bedrock.

Charlottesville’s honest confrontation with history is at issue. Our community, along with many others across the United States, is struggling with how to address a history that includes Confederate heritage and a legacy of racism. We’re evolving to be a wiser and, hopefully, fairer society.

Lessons learned on the journey to progress can be painful — two steps forward, a giant step backward — but that is all the more reason they should not be forgotten.

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