It was a good week for area pet shelters.

Buckingham County Animal Control got a contribution of $200,000, while the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA received a surprise gift of $50,000.

Buckingham’s windfall came from donors Rebecca and James Craig and was funneled through the Cat Action Team, an area nonprofit. The money will go toward renovating the county’s animal shelter or building a new one.

It was the Petco Foundation, a branch of the Petco pet supplies company, that provided the gift to the SPCA.

In addition to the unexpected check, the foundation gave 55 pairs of new work shoes for volunteers and staff through its partnership with Skechers. Also included were treats for the shelter animals, Valentine cards for the staff collected from across the country and, from the local Petco stores, a celebratory staff luncheon.

The SPCA often takes animals from other shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia. Because it can house some 700 animals and foster others with a network of volunteers, it can accommodate a relatively large number of homeless pets.

The donation will help support that work, as well as the SPCA’s spay-and-neuter program and its low-cost veterinary clinics for pet owners in need of assistance.

We add our thanks to the donors of these funds and gifts for supporting area efforts to care for animals.

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