When did UFOs become UAPs?

The U.S. Navy has confirmed three videos in which its pilots encountered “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The videos were released without authorization; but now that they’re out there, the Navy isn’t trying to deny them.

Sounds like there are more sightings, too, than those shown in just the three videos.

“We are not going to try to characterize anything that may have been seen out there,” Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher said. “But the number of sightings has increased since about 2014. …”

Sightings have occurred on both coasts. And yes, that likely means Virginia, too.

The Navy switched to the term UAP in order to avoid the negative connotations associated with UFO. It wants pilots to report such encounters without fear of being ridiculed, The Washington Post reports.

Military officials want more information on anything that appears in U.S. airspace without proper identification or authorization.

Mr. Gradisher says sightings have increased since drones and quadcopters have emerged onto the scene.

But some in Congress say the UAPs appear to defy the laws of physics and can’t be explained away as drones or quadcopters.

Are the UAPs terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

Investigators are talking to pilots from our own Naval Air Station Oceana, among others, to try to find out.

Stay tuned.

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