ne month after being put on administrative leave, the University of Virginia’s chief of police of police has resigned.

A former Charlottesville chief of police has been appointed in his place.

Nothing is known about why Tommye Sutton was placed on leave or why he resigned after roughly a year on the job.

But we know that students and staff deserve the highest quality of service when it comes to their safety.

Additionally, UVa is a huge part of our community, economically, culturally and in so many other ways. What affects UVa affects us all.

Anything that raises concerns, in the absence of definitive information, about such an important function as public safety is sobering indeed.

However, UVa is making a good choice in appointing former city chief Tim Longo to fill the position for the next year. Mr. Longo was highly thought of during his 15-year tenure in Charlottesville.

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