Here’s something else to be thankful for: Virginians are pretty darn smart.

That’s according to a study by

SafeHome looked at data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Department of Education and the College Board, and drew its own conclusions.

The result: Virginia is the sixth-smartest state in the nation. Hurrah!

Some of the data specifics:

» Adults in Virginia age 25 and over who have bachelor’s degrees: 22%.

» High school graduation rates, as of 2017: 87%.

» Median SAT Score in 2018-2019: 1,119.

» ACT takers meeting subject benchmarks: 66%.

Some of the five smartest states might surprise you. According to the data analysis, they are: New Jersey, Utah, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Montana, in that order.

SafeHome also noted something odd about Americans’ self-assessment of their own smarts.

Sixty-five percent of Americans think they have above-average intelligence. Two out of three say they’re smarter than everybody else.

Let that sink in.

The findings say more about our self-confidence than about our intelligence.

But, then again, sometimes confidence rightly applied can take your further than intelligence poorly utilized. Whatever works, folks, whatever works.

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