When will we ever learn? The Charlottesville area has just spent the past few months, the past few years, addressing our long history of racism, destruction of communities, and eradication of the cultures of entire populations in the name of progress, capitalism, and increasing the wealth of a few.

Yet, even in the midst of our Unity Days, the local press reports on the potential destruction of an "historically significant Native American site — as its former capitol, the most significant to the Monacan nation" to make way for a new pumping station (“Monacan site should be saved, but can it be?”, Daily Progress editorial, Aug. 13).

Rassawek is not the only option that the James River Water Authority has for its new site; it’s the least expensive. The JRWA did not even reach out to the local Monacan community before making their plans, according to the Monacan Nation.

Now that the process is underway and several permits have been issued, the Monacan people must fight, at public meetings, in the press, and in the courts, to have a sacred place in their history honored and protected. There’s a bitter irony in here somewhere.

Thank you to the local media for bringing this story to light. I add my voice to those raised in support of the Monacan Nation, and to those asking for the governor to step in before there’s another awful occurrence of racial injustice.

Willow Gale


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