In the politically charged aftermath of recent mass murders, and in an apparent effort to “do something,” lawmakers at all levels have expressed interest in so-called red-flag bills, which allow weapons to be temporarily removed from those who might be considered a danger to themselves or others.

No one wants firearms in the hands of dangerous people. However, many of the radical anti-Second Amendment groups claim that if you oppose them, you must want guns in the hands of dangerous people. Such “gun grabbers” do not share the same values as our Founders and, instead of negotiating for the common good, are using lies, tortured statistics and straw-man arguments to lay the way toward total disarmament of us all.

The general feeling is that we need “common-sense” gun laws.

But truly common-sense gun laws recognize that guns also are used by law-abiding citizens to defend themselves and that such defensive uses can avert crimes.

Common-sense gun laws ensure that law-abiding citizens are free to carry firearms wherever they go and to share their firearms with those in need whom they know and trust.

Common-sense gun laws heed the fact that criminals don’t obey the law; thus, a law-abiding citizen should not have to face threats to life handicapped by gun bans.

Finally, what is there about the Second Amendment’s “the right … to bear arms shall not be abridged” that we don’t understand?

Albert F. Shank II

Albemarle County

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