Having never owned a gun, I inquired about buying an AK-15 assault rifle. The local gun shop owner told me that a background check would be required, which only takes a few minutes.

Now, why in the world do I need an AK-15 unless I have an interest in killing innocent victims?

Our country does not allow us to own a machine gun, or hand grenades, or other military weapons. The military needs them, but we as citizens don’t need these dreadful weapons. Nearly 70% of Americans agree that these weapons should not be allowed in our society.

Sixty-plus years ago, the American people and Congress agreed that something needed to be done about traffic deaths. Relative to population, the number of deaths due to traffic accidents has declined by nearly 43.5% since 1960. Now, that is progress.

The same can be said about cleaning up our rivers. In 1960, you wouldn’t dare but your finger in the Potomac River; now you can swim in it. The American people working with Congress were responsible for this.

The people don’t want these weapons in our environment. Congress needs to respond.

Vito Cetta

Albemarle County


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