I have heard the argument many times that Charlottesville’s Confederate monuments must go because they brought an undesirable element, in the form of the alt-right people, here in the summer of 2017. That is only a partial truth, and a small one at that.

The City Council’s votes to remove the statues angered many.

One of the few responses of President Trump’s to a problem that I agree with was when he said that there were good people there on both sides of the issue. I was there, and I’m “good people” and I also want the statues to stay, so that alone proves that.

Now the statues are being attacked in a different way, through vandalism. That is going to once again attract people to defend them. Some of these people will undoubtedly be ones that we don’t wish to see revisit.

The whole truth cannot be told without the inclusion of the Charlottesville government and some of its public officials. They have never accepted their share of the blame in this continuing problem, which in my estimation is by far the largest.

I can remember a time when Charlottesville’s chief of police would make a statement when a problem occurred, not just when the police faced criticism. It is obvious that the monument vandalism is a low priority to the police and others in city government.

When those even angrier than I am come to town to defend these monuments, who will really be to blame?

David Rhodes

Albemarle County

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