I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and disgust with our Charlottesville City Council.

As I look out from my window at work on the Downtown Mall, my view is dominated by the abandoned Landmark, Laramore, or whatever you want to call the skeleton of a construction that began in 2009.

That’s 10 years that this blight on the mall has sat there, until now it has become a frightening experiment in the deteriorating structural integrity of an unfinished building exposed to the elements. So, do we really have to wait until a piece of this dinosaur breaks off and falls down, splitting someone’s skull and killing them?

City Council didn’t cause this problem, but now it has become part of it through its inaction and failure to take measures to address this failed construction. I don’t want to hear, “We’re working on it!” There are no excuses for this failure of leadership and responsibility.

Council should take some remedial action before someone gets hurt and the councilors then tell us how sad they are about the tragedy that they could have prevented.

Robert Carl Johnson


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