I imagine a sizeable percentage of Daily Progress readers are being forced to face some of the disadvantages of increasing age. I am suffering from one such disadvantage and am wondering whether it is also afflicting other seniors. I am realizing that the juvenile sense of humor that I suffered during my teen years is returning.

For instance, I cannot help but be amused at the antics that occur at Charlottesville City Council meetings, as regularly reported in The Daily Progress.

The latest furor apparently occurred while the council was discussing the desirability (and appropriateness) of spending $35,000 of taxpayers’ money to bring rapper Wale from Washington, D.C., to assist Charlottesville residents in celebrating a Unity Days event.

The fact that such an obvious misappropriation of taxpayer funds should be considered worthy of inclusion in the City Council’s agenda is perhaps a matter for further investigation.

Apparently, three members of the council immediately voted against the proposal and then became targets for rude personal attacks.

I would suggest these council meetings provide an opportunity for one of the local TV channels to install a camera in council chambers and launch a local series titled “C’Ville Council Comedy Central.” I’m sure it would attract a regular and faithful audience.

Ben C. Foster

Albemarle County

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