I cannot see any need for someone to have a military-style assault rifle like the AK-47 or M16/AR15. If you are one of those who demands they remain on sale, then you should be required to go to a mass shooting and look at the carnage they cause, or work where the wounded are taken; I bet you’d change your mind!

Let me give some background as to why I feel they need to be banned.

I was a Marine medic in Vietnam 1967-1968, during the height of the Tet Offensive. I was charged with trying to save your son/brother/fiancé/uncle/grandfather/husband after they had been shot with these weapons. As you know, more than 58,000 did not make it, and thousands more were wounded.

We used to have fistfights to settle scores after school. Now we maliciously kill hundreds without thought. Shame on us for allowing it.

Banning military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines will help curtail the slaughter.

Remember, your loved ones could be next.

Ron Granitz

Albemarle County

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