Efficiency is not overrated. Pacific Gas and Electric Company saved 17 percent of its cumulative annual efficiency, as a percent of retail sales in 2012. Dominion Power saved .4 percent. Our utility is also at the bottom of the list for deploying renewable energy. NV Energy lists renewable sales equaling more than 21 percent of its retail sales. Dominion’s tally is .54 percent. These figures are according to www.ceres.org/cleanenergy/view (Ceres is an organization that promotes sustainable business practices).

Regardless of what our utility thinks, a growing number of businesses are building their own energy ecosystems by generating electricity on site, installing battery storage solutions and designing custom software solutions, among other tactics.

» Seventy-nine percent of businesses view reducing electricity costs as essential to creating and maintaining competitive advantage

» Companies are aiming to reduce their electricity consumption by 25 percent on average

» Companies are also moving towards self-reliance. A solid majority (55 percent) of businesses say they generate some portion of their electricity supply on site.

Meeting the carbon goals set by the Environmental Protection Agency actually looks pretty easy.

Jane Twitmyer

Nelson County

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