During Veterans Day week, several members of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 157 went to Waverly Yowell Elementary School in Madison to read two stories to a number of classes of students about honoring those who have served in the military. The books were "America's White Table" and “The Poppy Lady.”

After the readings, we asked the children and teachers to sign their names to sheets of paper that would be attached to a message of appreciation going to both veterans and active duty military. They did. We told them they might be a part of history because one of the letters might someday be found in a grandfather's or grandmother's trunk.

At the American Legion District meeting on the Nov. 16, the letters of appreciation were distributed to the veterans in attendance. Reaction came far sooner than we had anticipated in a reply from a 92-year-old Navy veteran of World War II.

He thanked the children and teachers, and added: “I got to thinking as I read it several times and looked at all of the names. You made me think that, yes, youngsters do appreciate what we went through to save the United States flag. It is still proudly flying and will forever fly as long as we have teachers who ask their students to remember veterans and their service to the country we love.”

We are so very proud of the fantastic children at Waverly Yowell School, their teachers, the librarian who hosted us, and the staff and administration members who greeted us so very warmly. We had a wonderful time sharing our stories with the youth of Madison.

Alexis A. Bean

Albemarle County

Alexis A. Bean is president of the American Legion Auxiliary Department of Virginia’s 13th District.

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