I read with interest the story in The Daily Progress about the meeting of Charlottesville City Council and the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors (“Housing, transit among topics discussed at joint meeting,” The Daily Progress, June 6 online). And I applaud all the efforts that both jurisdictions are making to work more closely together. 

One item caught my attention. The story mentions that Supervisor Ann Mallek seemed to complain about the money Albemarle County gives to Charlottesville as part of the revenue sharing agreement, noting that the money Albemarle transfers to the city is available to help the city pay for affordable housing. The story didn’t indicate that any Charlottesville official responded to her. 

But I think there needs to be an official response to her comment; otherwise, only one side of the story is told. And this helps perpetuate a false narrative that is constantly repeated. Citizens need to be told, each time: 

» Albemarle County has gained tax revenue from the urban ring that Charlottesville agreed to not annex. Albemarle County reimburses the city with revenue sharing money, since the city is not gaining tax revenue from that urban ring.  

» If there is a pushback each time an Albemarle County official gives a false narrative, perhaps citizens will understand the history behind this decision. 

» And also remember that the citizens of Albemarle County voted to agree with this revenue sharing agreement before it was implemented.

Since there are many new residents of this area, I would like to see the city be more proactive about replacing the one-sided narrative about revenue sharing with a more factual discussion of this issue.

Jackie Lichtman, Charlottesville

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