Immigration can be a divisive issue, but folks would likely agree that some kind of reform is desperately needed to make our broken system more fair, efficient and humane. Ken Cuccinelli’s appointment as acting director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services means this common goal is even further out of reach.

As a college student with personal connections to DACA recipients, I find Cuccinelli’s track record to be particularly perturbing. Cuccinelli tried to bar undocumented immigrants from attending Virginia schools and to deny them affordable tuition. He supported legislation allowing local law enforcement to raid the rental homes of suspected undocumented immigrants. He wanted to force employees to speak English in the workplace or risk being denied benefits. Cuccinelli was also the chief sponsor of a bill to strip U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants of their right to citizenship.

With his extremist views and inflammatory rhetoric, Cuccinelli is sure to further weaponize, politicize, and cripple USCIS — a crucial agency that must be effective now, more than ever. Cuccinelli should have undergone the traditional vetting process before serving in this capacity. Call your representative to express your disapproval of Cuccinelli’s policy.

Emma Westerhof



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