“Assault weapons mischaracterized” (The Daily Progress, Sept. 3) makes some valid points, especially the part that makes comparisons with vehicular safety.

I would like to explore that idea a little bit further — such as making the National Guard (a parallel to the militia as cited in the Second Amendment) the equivalent of what the Division of Motor Vehicles does for vehicles.

The National Guard would train and test anybody who wants to own and operate a gun on how to safely handle and store it. Then it would issue a license to anybody who also passes a physical and mental evaluation — just like the DMV does with eyesight.

All guns would have Gun Identification Numbers, just as vehicles have a VIN number, and would be registered with the National Guard. When guns change owners, the registration would be changed at the National Guard — just like the DMV does for vehicles.

And just like the DMV requires a more intensive licensing process to drive trucks, the National Guard would require a special license for semiautomatic weapons after further training and evaluation.

None of this is rocket science. It would make eminent sense, and square well with the Second Amendment. All that is needed is goodwill.

Henry Weinschenk


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