Recently after a swim at a local outdoor pool, I walked up to two Albemarle County police officers and thanked them for their service to the community.

We talked for a few minutes and they shared about how they were horrified about the incident resulting in the death of George Floyd, and the negative impact on all police. They mentioned about the then-upcoming protest of defunding the police in Charlottesville. One officer commented: Who do you call when you have a missing 2-year-old?

After his comment, they both had to leave with sirens blaring.

When I got home, I mentioned this to my wife and told her a story about a lost 2-year-old on the outskirts of Boston over 60 years ago. A police officer later found the little boy on his tricycle with his cocker spaniel about a mile away and brought him and his dog safely home. I was that lost 2-year-old.

In the midst of many people demonizing and assaulting the police, please know that 99% of the officers are good, brave, honest men and women and are in the community to serve and protect all of us.

We all agree that police reform is needed.

The next time you see an officer, please thank and support them for keeping our community safe.

Patrick J. Donohoe Jr.

Albemarle County

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