Our president got his military parade as he supervises the descent of the U.S. to Third World banana-republic status.

I have some ideas for next year’s Fourth of July parade for His Thugness. Since he wants to hobnob with the slimy folks on the planet, why not invite them to D.C. to see all our military stuff? There could be armored personnel carriers for Russia’s Vladimir Putin, the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, China’s Xi Jingping, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, the Saudi murderer, and, of course, Donald and his family.

Afterward, Trump could hold a big evening gala at his Washington hotel and charge the taxpayers a few million. In the parade, there could also be military personnel from each of the 150 countries where the U.S. has some kind of deployment, with each group carrying a sign identifying the country.

We must also include a group of the most terrifying members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, those big, brawny thugs. We should follow the ICE ranks with several trucks carrying dirty and hungry little migrant children in cages crying for their mothers. After this is broadcast, the migrant problem might disappear. Perhaps we won’t need a wall at all.

The parade should include every person who got over $1million in tax cuts. Each of these folks should be required to carry a sign saying how much Trump’s tax cuts have saved them personally. I think Americans and the world would like to know this. And parading with the sign should be a small price to pay for a million dollars.

By the way, I won’t be there. Not as long as Trump occupies the White House.

Mike Tabony

Nelson County

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