I am writing in response to the story headlined “Scooter regulations pass first reading,” published in The Daily Progress on Nov. 19.

I think that it is important that Charlottesville is finalizing regulations to ensure the safety of scooter riders. The scooters are a cheap and quick mode of transportation for students who need to get to class at the University of Virginia. [UVa has its own rules for its campus.] Being a college student myself, I know how helpful having a resource like the electric scooter can be.

However, just having the scooters out for use without any rules or regulations can pose a safety threat for riders, bicyclists and car drivers. Another possible problem with unregulated electric scooters is that the rider does not have to provide proof that he can safely operate the scooter.

There is still the issue of complaints from people who do not seem to like the scooters at all. The scooters have generated about 220 complaints.

The rules and regulations that are to be set in place with the passing of this legislation do not seem to be ready to meet the implementation deadline of Jan. 1, which is quickly approaching.

Taylor Shoultz-Leslie

Madison County

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