Since it's been too hot to fish, my air-conditioned brain has been pondering some of life's mysteries. Not least of which is wondering why our society increasingly dwells on the darker side of humanity. In other words, why do we focus more on what is wrong with each other than what is good?

For example, if I were to report on something as simple as a recent visit to the grocery store, I probably would refer to the rude cashier rather than the person who smiled and opened the door for me to enter.

I wish I knew the answer to this question. What I do think is if we individually work on this problem, we would all be better off. Whether it be race relations, government, media, or our work and personal relationships, if we could turn this thing around, our society as a whole would be improved. Just a thought, but I think one of my better ones.

David Rhodes

Albemarle County

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