Today, whether it is the countless police shootings, urban or rural homicides or the recent Texas and Ohio hate incidents, we need some sense of civility to restore some goodness to our world.

It matters that people are disconnected, self-serving, hateful, greedy, racist and think they are more righteous than others. It matters that the experts, consultants, politicians and many “talking heads” play the blame game and engage in finger-pointing exercises. It truly matters how we see and treat one another, the choices we make and how the words we use can be helpful or hurtful.

We as a society must change our way of thinking about who we are and whose we are and focus on a positive purpose for living. It matters that we make a collective effort to reconnect and serve one another in the best interest of all mankind.

My hope for us is to become as passionate about forgiving, loving, listening, learning and caring about each other as opposed to blaming, hating, being dishonest and tearing folks down. It is past time for us to respect individual differences and expressions, and it starts with respecting and valuing oneself.

It matters that each of us acknowledges that who we see in the mirror is the person responsible for improving the quality of our lives and the lives of others. This is a major first step to restoring goodness to our world today.

It matters and, yes, you matter!

Charles “Alex-Zan” Alexander


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