Government should counteract evil

America, with its founding fathers and unique Constitution, with its deep flaws and great strengths, has overall been the most powerful and progressive nation on earth for over 200 years. America has been a beacon of hope for immigrants from every other country.

But for too long, America has been both prosperous and peaceful, without existential conflict. Several generations have grown up without deprivation, without firsthand knowledge of the evil nature of depraved men who seek power at any cost. Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot no longer enter our minds or conversations.

President Kennedy tried to teach us that without knowledge of history, mistakes of the past would be repeated. That includes allowing evil mankind, seeking power by deceit or killing up to tens of millions, to achieve and maintain control. Then they die.

In our years of relative peace, the myth of the universal goodness of unregenerate man has been resurrected. Globalization, internationalism, universalism expand on the goodness-of-man mirage, which seems so appealing. But they inevitably leave all vulnerable to the dictates of power-hungry, evil men (dictators). The people, the common folks become disenfranchised and suffer.

Humans need a government of checks and balances, where one person or one small contingent cannot enslave others, or dictate our speech or behavior. Should we not find, or rediscover, and embrace such a model?

Donald R. Richardson

Albemarle County

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