Another mass shooting, and the gun haters are out prancing around, demanding “common-sense gun laws.” What I’d like to hear is their version of a law that would have stopped any of the shootings and would not affect the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. They demand that somebody come up with a solution but collectively can’t come up with any worthwhile ideas of their own.

They call for universal background checks and bans on assault weapons, silencers and high-capacity magazines universal background checks — yet won’t accept that none of these would have made any difference.

They claim that more killings are the result of semiautomatic guns but can’t explain why the guns have been here well over a hundred years but used for mass shootings only in the past few decades.

Ban silencers? These devices don’t really “silence,” despite what you don’t hear in the movies.

And their call for smaller magazines essentially says that shooting 10 people without reloading is OK, but shooting more than that isn’t. That’s just plain stupid reasoning.

I ask them to think about this. Over 100 people a day are killed on our highways — 37,461 deaths and 3.144 million injuries in 2016.

Most vehicle accidents involve white vehicles. Distracted driving (texting, cell use, talking) accounts for 8.5% of fatal accidents. There are 29 fatalities a day due to alcohol impairment.

Were these deaths and injuries blamed on the vehicle, cellphone or alcohol? No. The user of the vehicle, device and substance is held accountable for his actions. There were no calls to ban the vehicle or its gas and oil.

Shooting someone is against the law, and we can see that — just as vehicle operation laws are broken — so are murder laws. It’s not the vehicle, cellphone, substance or the gun; it’s the person using them that’s the problem. And that is something the gun haters will have to accept.

Montie Duncan

Albemarle County


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