Veterans deserve better

I read with dismay the Nov. 3 story about changes to the University of Virginia’s annual ROTC-led vigil to honor missing veterans. The now decade-long tradition lasts 24 hours, and finishes in mid-afternoon on Nov. 11.

That the colonel commanding agreed with the decision “not to include the 21-gun salute … in order to avoid class disruptions due to noise,” according to UVa spokesman Wes Hester, was painful to read.

Also painful to read was that the university would “eschew amplified music to further minimize disruptions to nearby classrooms,” according to the story’s paraphrasing of UVa statements.

Do the “UVa officials” mentioned think a few minutes of noise disruption (which might have the effect of reminding students about the sacrifices made by these missing servicemen) would seriously impede their education?

Might the sounds of the most solemn salute we provide — 21 guns fired by an honor guard — be more of a disruption than those whose lives were permanently disrupted in service to our nation?

Al Weed

Nelson County{&lettersname}

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