Happy and relieved was the consensus of our on-air local weather presenters as Hurricane Dorian remained safely off Virginia’s coast, leaving our region unscathed. Yet, immediately following the “all clear” came admissions that we could really use some rain.

I thought, “Did they really just go down that road?”

In the minds of our local meteorologists, there is good rain and there is bad rain. This is a horrible message to be communicating to the masses.

I don’t know if the weather people know this or not, but hurricanes are an important (more like critical) moisture infuser for the entire eastern third of the U.S. An Atlantic basin without them might eventually result in a march toward parch. In other words, if you like forests more than grasslands, you don’t diss precipitation from hurricanes.

Meteorologists might think it’s their job to lip-serve the public’s desire for moderate weather, but it would be better if they tried teaching something instead. It might go something like this: You need to prepare, because the environment that keeps you alive will, on occasion, require extremes in weather.

It’s not the weather’s fault that people routinely position themselves to be victimized by it. Better to have a greater understanding and, therefore, acceptance of weather — and to plan to stay the heck out of its way as necessary.

Robert H. Butler

Albemarle County

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