During the impeachment inquiry on Nov. 20, New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney badgered witness Ambassador Gordon Sondland by repeatedly asking him: “Who would benefit from a Ukrainian investigation of former Vice President Biden and his son?”

I would like to answer that question for the congressman.

I would benefit, along with all Americans who care about potential abuse of power. I and many others voted for President Trump partly because he promised to rid our government of corruption. Whether corruption by government officials involves wrong doing in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world, I want that corruption investigated. When a son of the vice president is selected to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company with apparently no previous energy or Ukrainian-related experience while receiving large amounts in payment, there is reason for investigation. So what if the father, Joe Biden, is a presidential candidate? Are candidates for election above the law?

We have had enough special treatment for the politically well-connected, such as the exoneration of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for using her private email server for sensitive government emails. If we are to have a republic with justice for all, then all appearances of corruption must be investigated.

Yes, I want Vice President Biden and his son to be investigated before Americans may be asked to cast a vote for him in 2020. We deserve to know. Since Democrats who oppose a Biden investigation only want to use that issue as a weapon for impeaching the president, it is crystal clear to me where they stand on justice for all.

Deloris B. Linam

Greene County


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