It was interesting to read in the Aug. 15 Daily Progress about Charlottesville deciding about a bike lane (“City to move forward with right of way work,” online).

Remember: When you point the finger at someone, three fingers are pointing right back at you!

The biggest problem with bike lanes is that people are using them to make unsafe, non-signaled turns; to run stop signs and red lights — in short, to exhibit outright stupidity.

Let me talk about an incident I had on Aug. 12 at about 4:15 p.m. at the Fontaine Avenue and Jefferson Park Avenue intersection.

I am disabled, so my wife drives me in a handicapped-modified van. We were stopped for the light besides Durty Nelly’s waiting to turn right on JPA. The light turned in our favor — and about that time an afternoon shower poured down. As we started to turn right onto JPA, a bicycle rider ran the red light and cut us off.

He almost became a kid killed by a van.

Fortunately, I yelled stop to my wife, and the anti-lock braking system saved his butt.

We then started to complete our turn when another idiot ran the same light, making a left and almost hitting us. I yelled “stop!” and the brakes worked again — so Idiot No. 2 was also safe.

After finally making the turn safely, we caught up to Rider No. 2. I wanted to scream at this idiot, but my wife said to keep my window up and behave.

As we cautiously went past him, he looked at us and I just shook my head. Suddenly, he made a right turn on a side street. Hopefully, he made it home just slightly wet but safe.

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear? The first idiot also turned right off JPA.

These two jerks almost caused some unnecessary grief trying not to get wet.

So do I want more bike lanes to encourage more biking?

No. Save the money for affordable housing and school supplies. Let these idiots drive cars; we would all be safer (I hope).

Too bad the Charlottesville police weren’t there.

Ron Granitz Sr.

Albemarle County

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