I am writing to endorse Brandon Lillard as the clear choice for sheriff in Madison County. Although I am not a resident of Madison County, I feel that I am qualified to offer my perspective based on both personal and professional experiences. Working in public service for 19 years, I have worked for many different supervisors and currently for this candidate.

Brandon Lillard is one of the most humble and caring people in this profession. I’ve personally had the opportunity to see the compassion and skill set Mr. Lillard brings to the table — not only through affiliations and contacts gained throughout his career, but also when dealing with other co-workers and victims of cases he has worked. No matter your background you can expect someone who will work with you to create a positive, professional environment that will be accountable.

Most people have no desire to run for public office because of the challenges this creates. In spite of the stress this puts on one’s family, Mr. Lillard has chosen this path to give back to the community he calls home.

I have often heard many people encouraged to follow the money and go work in Northern Virginia. It is rare that you encounter someone who wants to return home and apply their experience for the benefit of others. The campaign has been focused on making the community a better place to raise your children and create positive interactions that build the trust necessary to be effective.

You can expect a professional who holds everyone to the same high standards applied to his campaign — focused on the issues that are important to the citizens, being open and approachable, and undeterred by negative influences.

Invest in the future of law enforcement in Madison County by electing on Nov. 5 someone who is dedicated, worked an unblemished career, is well respected by peers and supervisors, and has the experience to carry this office forward.

Larry Terry

Culpeper County

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