Nov. 2 marked the 85th running of the Montpelier Steeplechase Races.

The racecourse was created by Marion du Pont Scott and her brother, William du Pont, Jr, whose family owned the Montpelier property. We are proud to continue the Du Pont family’s racing tradition at Montpelier, the lifelong home of the fourth president of the United States, James Madison, and his wife, Dolley.

The weather co-operated to make it a perfect day for the horses and for the large crowd of racing fans.

The Montpelier Steeplechase and Equestrian Foundation would like to thank the employees of Montpelier and the more than 100 volunteers whose hard work made the black tie evening celebration on Nov. 2 and the next day’s races possible. 

More importantly, the day was safe, with no injuries to riders, horses or spectators.

We believe that Mrs. Scott and Mr. du Pont would be thrilled with the continued success of what they so generously started many years ago. 

 Charles H. Seilheimer Jr.

Orange County

Charles H. Seilheimer Jr. is chairman of the Montpelier Steeplechase and Equestrian Foundation, Inc.

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