I would like to respond to the letter from Sept. 7 (“Law-breaking bicyclists are unsafe,” The Daily Progress), describing the writer’s encounters with cyclists Idiot No.1 and Idiot No. 2.

While I agree with the comments about bicyclists needing to obey traffic laws and ride defensively, agree with the author’s support of affordable housing and better schools, and am happy that he benefited from an awesome anti-lock braking system, I strongly disagree with his solution to the problem: Give the cyclists cars to get them off the road.

I have ridden bikes for 50-plus years and I submit that for every idiot bike rider the letter writer has encountered, I have encountered 10,000 idiot car drivers. I have been driven off the road, been spit at, had beer poured all over me, been cussed at, been honked at, had someone put out a cigarette butt on my back, etc., etc.

Following the author’s logic, the solution would be to put all the car drivers on a bicycle. Sounds like no solution to me. That’s why we need more bike lanes, not fewer. And I mean real bike lanes, not just a white line on the road.

Burkhard Spiekermann

Albemarle County

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