The front-page story and photograph in The Daily Progress of June 14 referenced a protest in Charlottesville (“Hundreds march to call for defunding of police”). The story also quoted some anti-police remarks made by the protesters.

The picture and the remarks reminded me of 50 years ago when I was on active duty with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam era. At that time, because of some military-related civilian deaths in Southeast Asia, the military was not as well-respected as it is today. When I wore my uniform outside of a military installation, I was subjected to unjustified statements about the military.

Today, citizens are beginning to show respect for people of diverse ethnicity, race and background. Uniformed individuals (police, military, etc.) who are blameless of cruel deeds also deserve respect and should not be subjected to ridicule for the cruel deeds of others. 

Jimmy Downing

Albemarle County

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