The Founding Fathers knew that the Second Amendment was not necessary for “plinking and target shooting,” but rather to prolong the life of this republic. It was to provide a last line of defense against future tyranny by either an immoral, repressive government, administered at any level; or the clandestine infiltration of foreign forces bent on overcoming the fabric of the United States.

From the Bush 41 through the Obama administrations, these two conditions have been cleverly and surreptitiously foisted upon us. Why do you think nonconformist Donald Trump has been so vehemently reviled? He interrupted the diabolical course of these events.

Overwhelmingly armed and equipped foreign forces (or domestic military elements) are not afraid of any double-barreled shotguns or six-shot revolvers. However, U.S. veterans armed with so-called scary weapons — military-style weapons — would be the bane of these encroaching forces. Hence the furious campaign to quickly disarm, by any mode or means, patriotic, Constitution-believing Americans.

Al Cuppett

Madison County

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