While the full-page advertisement showing a list of organizations that support the Atlantic Coast Pipeline taken out in The Daily Progress on Oct. 23 may look impressive at first glance, upon closer inspection it becomes apparent quite quickly that a majority of the organizations have a direct financial stake in the pipeline being approved.

You will have to forgive my sarcasm, but how generous of America's Natural Gas Alliance to throw its support behind the pipeline. Or for Dominion Resources, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas and Southern Company Gas to add themselves to the list, seeing as how they are the ones proposing to build the pipeline. [AGL Resources is a member of the consortium planning to build the pipeline, and AGL is owned by Southern Company Gas; http://ir.aglr.com/.]

From oil and gas production companies, to companies that will provide services during the construction of the pipeline, to oil and gas industry associations — the list is simply full of companies that appear to have signed their names in order to further their own profits.

Sam Roberts

Nelson County

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