I’m thinking that there are a lot of people out there like me, who wonder what political party they are more closely associated with. This problem exists because neither party represents enough of the values and beliefs that appeal to the majority of citizens.

The Democratic Party has been attractive to a lot of people in the past because it at least seemed to care about the poor and the less fortunate among us. The problem arises when it goes too far and assistance is given to those not deserving, at the expense of other hard-working people. And many of its proposals are just not fiscally responsible.

The Republican Party has been attractive historically because of its philosophy of less spending and lower taxes. However, this has somehow turned into the rich getting richer and an ever widening economic gap.

Of course there are many other factors that differentiate the parties, but the point here is that neither party has enough in its arsenal to garner support from the majority of us.

So where does that leave us as a nation of voters? For now, I guess we just have to consider who is the better man or woman and, sadly, who is the lesser of evils.

I wish there were some way that voters could vote directly on some issues. Wouldn’t that be a truer democracy? All candidates seem to do is talk bad about their opponents and express what they don’t like, rather than what they might do.

With more people having access to the internet than are registered to vote, couldn’t we use that to say what we want? It couldn’t be any worse than the gridlocked clown show we deal with now.

David Rhodes

Albemarle County


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