I recognize that advertisers use both lures and fear to sell their products. Knowing this, I still must investigate any product that is advertised as saving me money to make sure I could use it.

With BOGO (buy one get one) or “this offer ends today,” I often think: “It might come in handy some day” and “Look at what I could save.” It often takes a lot of willpower for me to deny the purchase.

Politicians are using the same techniques when “advertising” such things as free college and college loan forgiveness. People who hear about them may think: “Sounds good to me.”

Oh, then there is climate change, with the fear tactic of implying we have only a few years left to save the planet. The Green New Deal sounds appealing.

I’m all for these offers — except for who is going to pay for them. For my purchases, I pay. With the government, no matter who makes the purchase we, the people, are are stuck with the bill.

James T. Stadelmaier

Albemarle County

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