Misleading TV ads run by Amy Laufer are talking about health-care issues that our current state senator, Bryce Reeves, has already taken the lead on in Richmond.

Her ad talks about health coverage for pre-existing conditions and skyrocketing premiums. The disconnect comes in when she makes it sound like he has never tried to address these problems before.

In fact, Bryce already sponsored legislation to address both — but her party’s governor killed the bills.

Yes, Sen. Reeves introduced health-care legislation that would have assisted those in dire need of help by authorizing “short-term, limited-duration health plans” with a “guaranteed option” allowing “the covered person to purchase a new short-term, limited-duration health plan at a future date without re-underwriting.” These plans could have cost up to 80% less than typical market plans.

Unfortunately, after passing the Senate with strong bipartisan support, it was Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat from Laufer’s own party, who sabotaged Bryce’s common-sense solution by vetoing it.

To my knowledge, she hasn't ever called out the governor (or the lieutenant governor) on their past actions to prevent Virginians from having better access to health care.

Health coverage is an important issue. Instead of settling for empty promises that Laufer seems to have little understanding of, I will be casting my vote for someone who has actually taken action, someone with a proven, bipartisan track record on health-care reform: Bryce Reeves.

Bonnie G. McLean

Orange County

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