"Mayor Nikuyah Walker proposed eliminating the April observance” of Thomas Jefferson's birthday as a city holiday, reported The Daily Progress (“Walker proposes nixing observance of Jefferson's birthday,” online June 4) “and replacing it with Liberation and Freedom Day in March.  "… Councilor Wes Bellamy said he is ‘proud’ of Walker for the proposal," the report added.

These comments go along with those of presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg as he told radio host Hugh Hewitt on May 17 that Thomas Jefferson's name should be removed from buildings, honors and events — specifically, the annual Democratic fundraiser, the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. 

I am more than disturbed about the trend to erase one of this country's founders and signers of the Declaration of Independence, as if he didn't exist. We owe so much gratitude to him for the freedom we have in this country. 

I am an immigrant, and do not take anything for granted. I cherish reading the history of the making of this country — the freest in the world.

Mr. Jefferson and his connection to Charlottesville bring millions of dollars in revenue from tourists who wish to honor and celebrate his legacy. And so now, at least some on the City Council want to eliminate the April observance — and we know that is just the beginning. Statues of Mr. Jefferson will soon be next on their agenda. 

Stop this now, before it begins. We must all stand up to our out-of-control City Council.

Karin Bonding, Charlottesville

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