I am writing in regards to what I feel is an extreme turnaround in the values of the Republican Party.

What has happened to the Republicans? I find myself appalled that they have entrenched themselves behind a president who, by all appearances, has brought confusion and distrust to our nation’s highest office.

I would like to see a return to what I feel our country originally was based on: the Constitution, and our elected officials upholding and protecting it.

Our current president has not adhered to the principles of our Constitution. He rants and takes no responsibility for his own failings.

He has now been impeached. It remains to be seen whether he will be removed from office because of his many confusing and not-very-patriotic activities.

I have leaned toward voting Republican for many years. I can continue only if I see the party reflecting what I have always admired about it: decency, honesty, leadership and American values. I hope and pray that the Republicans have not changed from the Republican Party to the Trumplican Party.

I am a veteran, and I am also a Christian believer. I find it very difficult when anyone I support in elected office makes off-color remarks about any members of the Armed Forces or uses Christian values as a smokescreen just to get votes.

We should, and we must, move forward. Our country is awaiting normalcy, and so is the world around us.

Brent Ruffner


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