Riggleman should listen to voters

I was delighted to see a first-ever envelope from Rep. Denver Riggleman in my mail. Imagine my disappointment upon opening it to find that it was just a pitch for campaign funds — and, worse, it pegged Riggleman’s need to a call for immigration reform.

We have no immigration issues here in the 5th District that I am aware of, especially of the drug and high-crime nature his mailing echoed from President Trump’s chronic fear-mongering.

Riggleman clearly has been misinformed regarding the democratic process. In this process, we voters whom he represents get to tell him what the district needs, what it fears or what it would appreciate from its legislators — not vice versa.

The needs of his constituency, not of his campaign fund, deserve most of his attention. Ample direct evidence of this truism is available — including voters’ dismissal of previous 5th District Congressmen Virgil Goode and Tom Perriello, predecessors whom Riggleman seems doomed to follow due to his adherence, like theirs, to national political party dicta rather than the needs of his constituency.

Reduce medical treatment and medicine costs, protect the environment (from a pipeline, e.g.), promote improvements in education and transportation infrastructures — or plan an early retirement.

Howard Ellis

Nelson County{&lettersname}

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